Misc Themes & Images

Below are VARIOUS pens we have handcrafted in our studio. In cases involving actual images/logos, these items have been repurposed. These images represent a sample of what we have made, and may not reflect our current inventory.

Photo pens make a great way to keep that loved one close. Our “Mother’s Pen” lets you show your love for your children throughout the day, and is sure to be a conversation started for a proud momma.

When it comes to theme pens, there are literally hundreds of options available including themed hardware and theme bodies. If you have a specific theme in mind, let us know. There’s a really good chance there is something available. Common themed hardware includes: motorcycle, fireman, gearshift, circuit board, football, dog, cat, music, dance, etc.

To check the availability of an item, or to place a custom order, please contact us at WoodStudioMW@gmail.com. Thank you.