BASIC Fountain Pen

Thank you for purchasing one of my pens. The pen you received has been hand-turned and hand-assembled, and should be treated as you would any fine, delicate instrument. It will withstand a lifetime of use, but it will not withstand abuse. I choose to purchase quality (i.e. not the cheapest) pen kits and materials I can find to turn. However, the material that I have turned has been turned down to ⅛” or less in places and may become damaged. Wood is a natural material that will react to changes in temperature and humidity. Extreme changes in environment or harsh impacts can damage or destroy your pen.

  1. Ink cartridges are fine, but a converter w/ bottle ink may have fewer issues.
  2. Be sure to get the correct ink cartridge style for your pen. If you purchased one of our fountain pens, it most likely will use an International Cartridge.
  3. If you use bottle ink, ONLY use ink designed for fountain pens. Do NOT use calligraphy inks (designed for dip pens) or India ink.
  4. Never wash a pen in hot water or with chemicals! Use cold water only. If the pen is really dirty, use a fountain pen cleaning solution. Flush the nib in cold running water until it runs clear and dry with a soft cloth. You can use an aspiration bulb to assist with flushing.
  5. If your pen is to be out of use for several weeks, clean it by flushing in cold water. Distilled water is recommended, but not required. You may also add a couple small drops of Dawn dishwashing detergent to the water.
  6. Be sure to rinse your nib thoroughly. Allow your nib to air dry completely before reassembly.
  7. Cap your pen properly. Hold the pen upright and place the cap on top of it. Do not drop the pen into the cap or you may end up with ink in the cap.
  8. Before flying in a plane, either fill your pen all the way or leave it empty. A sudden change in cabin pressure may cause the pen to leak if you don’t follow this rule. It’s also advised to keep your fountain pens in the main cabin, and not in your checked baggage. (Personally, we also place all my fountain pens in ziplock bags for added protection.)
  9. If you value your fountain pen, do NOT let others use it. You could be asking for trouble.

Note: The above guidelines are just that. They should not be considered all-inclusive. Common sense will go a long way in the care of your fine writing instrument.