Thank you for purchasing one of my pens. The pen you received has been hand-turned and hand-assembled, and should be treated as you would any fine, delicate instrument. It will withstand a lifetime of use, but it will not withstand abuse. I choose to purchase quality (i.e. not the cheapest) pen kits and materials I can find to turn. However, the material that I have turned has been turned down to ⅛” or less in places and may become damaged. Wood is a natural material that will react to changes in temperature and humidity. Extreme changes in environment or harsh impacts can damage or destroy your pen.


Changing Ink Cartridge:

Ink Style: Cross-Style Ballpoint Refill

  1. Holding the pen with both hands.
  2. Unscrew the two halves from one-another.
  3. Unscrew the ink cartridge.
  4. Insert the new ink cartridge and gently screw it in.
  5. Reassemble the two pen halves, and gently screw them back together.


General Care Tips:

  • Do not drop your pen.
  • Do not expose pen to moisture.
  • Do not expose pen to extreme heat, such as inside an unattended vehicle.
  • Do not expose pen to harsh chemicals.


Cleaning & Maintenance:

  • Lightly buff with a clean, dry 100% cotton cloth.
  • Do NOTuse cleaning fluids, solvents, or abrasives.
  • Your pen has either been finished with a three-stage friction finish or with many thin layers of CA (cyanoacrylate) glue, which has been specially formulated for this purpose. Both provide a very durable finish that will resist scratching or staining from daily use. If minor scratches appear over time on acrylic or CA finish, a quality plastic finish may be used (per manufacturer’s instructions) to bring back the shine.


Note: The above guidelines are just that. They should not be considered all-inclusive. Common sense will go a long way in the care of your fine writing instrument.