Using Board Butter

If you purchased your board butter from us, thank you for supporting us. We appreciate you. Our board butter was handmade by us in Southwest Missouri, and is made using a combination of Food-Grade Mineral Oil and locally-sourced bees wax.


  1. Ensure your cutting board is clean and dry prior to application.
  2. Using a spoon, scoop out approximately 1-tablespoon of board butter and apply it to the cutting board surface.
  3. Use your hands to apply the board butter liberally. The warmth of your hands will slowly melt the board butter allowing it to soak into the cutting board.
  4. Add additional board butter from the jar as necessary.
  5. After the cutting board surface has been completely covered, allow the cutting board to soak overnight.
  6. Wipe off any excess board butter that did not soak in.
  7. Store your container of board butter at room temperature.
  8. As a reminder, wood cutting boards should be stored upright and in a dry place.
  9. Re-apply board butter cutting board when your cutting board starts to look “dry”.

If you have any questions, please email And thanks again for supporting local small business!!